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شرکت دانش بنیان باد افرا انرژی

Addres: Iran,Ardebil , Mohagheghe Ardebili Roshd Central, Floor3 , Room304

Fax: 04533257207, Mob: +989148200878  +989149523618

Email: AfraEnergy.co@gmail.com     Website: http://afraenergy.ir/   


Bad Afra Energy Co Maple Blitz with Registration Number 9336 on 2010 in Power Distribution and Renewable Energies was Registered and Began its Activities. The Company also Provides Consulting, Implementation and Research Projects in the Field of  Renewable Energy, Particularly solar and Wind Power. We Specialize in Designing innovative Lighting Using Solar and Wind Power Industry is in a Different Dimension.

Electricity produced by renewable energy from small to solar photovoltaic and wind power plants in the MW scale using high quality products and experienced management and human resources and the relevant faculty

      Board of Directors

Name & Surname


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Academic degree

Farid Javidzadeh

CEO &  Member

Of Board of Directors

Date of Registration

Bachelor and Master of Science in Energy Engineering

Soroush Masoumzadeh

Chairman of the Board

Date of Registration

Degree in Electronics


Farid Javidzadeh

Languages: Turkish, Persian, English

Master of Science in Energy Engineering Trends in Renewable Energy Engineering And Research Skills and protection of Electrical Engineering. 


v  Bad Afra Energy Co

ü  Design and implementation of wind and solar hybrid system for electricity distribution companies Ardebil

ü  Design and implementation of solar power plants to gas stations CGS village Fuladlu city Bilesuar

ü  Design and implementation of solar lighting for park tourism route Meshginshahr

ü  Design and implementation of solar tower power 500 watt spotlight for water treatment area Nir

ü  Design and implementation of solar energy for lighting and landscaping Ardabil Regional Water Company

ü  Facade Lighting Design and Implementation of Construction Engineering Ardabil province with solar energy


ü  Multi –Objective Environmental/Economic Dispatch Using Interactive Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, F.javidzadeh,O.Abedinia, D.Garmarodi, R.Rahbar, ISSN 2090-4304, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, www.textroad.com,2(11)11272-11281,2012


·         Dr Hosseyn Shayeghi

·         Dr Hosseyn Kazemi Kargar

·         Dr Abtin Ataei

-          Activities

The company has a strong focus on human capital and to provide advice and project implementation in the field of renewable energy. Modern design with clean energy systems for lighting the field of activity of the company.

-          Valid license For Company

Authorization of Electricity distribution companies Ardebil

Authorization of Gas Company Ardebil
Authorization of Ardabil Regional Water Company
Authorization of National Elite Foundation Ardebil
Authorization of Ardabil Province of Construction Engineering

Optimum design of lighting systems, power generation, especially with new technologies based on clean energy such as wind and solar energy Given the economic parameters

-            Valid license For Products:


Registration No: c-10-1283

Product: Led Solar Street Lights (1- 200 Watt  )

Test Report No: C-T-10-270

-          Export records

Factory sales for Azar Caspian Company, Azerbaijan, Baku

(Sales Solar Street Projector 3*400Watt for Working to Night)

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